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Are you looking to break into the investment property scene to build wealth? Or maybe you just want a place to call your own? Do you feel overwhelmed about how to make this work? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, I can help you!!

Investment property can change your wealth. I am living proof of that. I started out with small pockets and one small condo in 2012, and have now grown to own 6 investment properties in Destin/Fort Walton Beach. I also own 4 properties in Alabama, where I started. Additionally, I manage a pile of condos in a resort in Fort Walton Beach. I am an expert in vacation rentals. I manage to do all this without third party websites like AirBnB, VRBO, and others. If anyone can help you find success, I promise it is me.

Most people approach me about coaching when they want to break into the beach condo market. They have, or will soon have, enough money for a down payment, but they aren't confident in what to buy, where to buy, what challenges they may face, and what to do with the property once it's purchased. No fear! I have answers to all these questions.

Coaching is done on an hourly basis. It is not some gimmick where you are committed to a "program" or minimum number of hours. It is one-on-one, just you and me. You get it when YOU need it. Typically one hour is enough for me to understand your goals and give you enough direction to get you on a track! When the property search begins, you may need another hour if you need help in determining the best ROI (Return on Investment) and which direction you want to move after the purchase--hiring a property manager vs. self-managing. I will walk you through the pros and cons of each. After you purchase, if you choose to self manage, I will guide you through advertisting, setting up lodging tax payments, social media marketing, pros and cons of using third party travel listing sites, and more. It will likely take more than an hour to get through all of these things. So that's it...3-5 hours and you are rolling!

If you want to get on track to vacation rental ownership, please reach out to me for some guidance. I can motivate you, and help you feel excited instead of exhausted. If you are spending half a million dollars or more on an investment, please do yourself a favor and get some advice from someone who lives in this world! It is not expensive, and I would LOVE to help you!

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